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Penis Enlarger Spring Loaded
Extender "How To" Instructions
1:  Place base piece around the penis and
slide down until comfortably resting on the
body. Metal extension rods should be
pointing up, and away from the body.
Penis Enlarger Extender Male Erection Enhancement
Penis Enlarger Extender Male Erection Enhancement
2:  After the bottom base piece is in
position, slide the top head piece with
rubber hosing to the end of the extension
Penis Enlarger Extender Male Erection Enhancement
Penis Enlarger Extender Male Erection Enhancement
Penis Enlarger Extender Male Erection Enhancement
Penis Enlarger Extender Male Erection Enhancement
4:  Pull silicone hosing tightly around the
head of the penis and through the holes of
the head piece
3:  Once the head piece is in place, extend
the rubber hosing to a length that will
fit snugly around the head of the penis.
6:  Once the device is securely placed onto
the penis, adjust the extension rods by
slowly turning the grooved section
(alternating sides to remain even) until you
receive a tension level that is comfortable,
yet tight.
5:  Once hosing is pulled tautly through the
head piece holes, insert remaining hosing
into the provided hosing channel slots.
The tension placed by extending the rods out should give the penis a feeling of slight discomfort, but should not be painful. Be very careful to not
overextend the rods during the initial use phase. If at any time you feel acute or sharp pain, remove the device and wait several days before
attempting to use your penis enlarger again. Many people use a piece of Baby Wipes or gauze (not supplied) wrapped around the silicon hose to add
comfort to the skin around the head of your penis. Do not use more than four hours (divided in several shorter sessions) per day in the beginning.
Once the adjustment period has completed, the device can be worn up to 9 hours a day. Remember to take 1 to 2 hour breaks in between these
longer sessions. Health and safety are of utmost importance, which is why we recommend properly following the instructions as outlined. If you get an
erection when applying the SMP Penis Enlarger, don’t worry it is common.

How it Works
The SMP Penis Enlarger increases both penis length and girth by using traction, from its spring loaded steel rods, to assist the body’s natural ability to
change and develop under physical influence. If you subject the penis to constant stretching the cells will begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing
tissue mass. This is similar to the technique that African tribes have been using for years to lengthen their necks and enlarge their ears and lips.

When an erection is achieved, the brain releases a hormone which sends blood to the penis, filling the erectile tissue. The blood spaces in your Corpora
Cavernosa fill to the maximum, giving you an erection. This means that the penis size is effectively limited by the size of your Corpora Cavernosa.

Training Schedule

To maintain the benefits achieved by your SMP Penis Enlarger, you should slowly reduce the hours of use in 1/3 increments every week until it
reaches a minimum of 1 hour daily. For example: If you used the device for 9 hours daily during your enlarging period, when you decide to stop the
program you should do it gradually using the Enlarger for 6 hours daily during the first week then 3 hours in the following week and finally 1 hour daily.
By paying attention to your body and watching for symptoms of over-extension, you will enjoy a safer and more comfortable experience. The
following symptoms can be indicative of over-extension: Blisters can be a sign of too much pressure on the penis for a prolonged period of time. Most
commonly these are edema areas or fluid retention spots. They should disappear shortly (within a few minutes) after you take off the device.
Broken capillaries and/or slight bruising of the penis are likely signs of over-extension. Bruising can occur when too much pressure is applied during
the training process. It is also possible to experience bruising if the recommended time for each session is exceeded. We recommend that you take
rest periods and days off to allow yourself to heal. These rest periods will allow you to continue using the SMP Penis Enlarger safely and comfortably.
Red sores on the penis are also signs of over-extension. This can happen when the penis has been stretched to far or for to long. We recommend that
you take rest periods and days off to allow yourself to heal. When resuming use it is suggested to adjust in smaller increments to limit over
extension. These rest periods will allow you to continue using the SMP Penis Enlarger safely and comfortably. The SMP Penis Enlarger will help you
meet your goal. Have patience. Go slow. If you follow our guide and take recommended breaks as suggested, you will achieve your desired results.
SMP Penis Enlarger. Male Enhancement Erection Enlargement
Penis Enlarger
Spring Loaded Extender
SMP Size Matters Penis Enlarger Male Enhancement
Penis Enlarger SMP Magnum Pro Instruction Manual
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