Male Enhancement Pumps by Jonathon P. Sullivan, Harvard Medical School
Male enhancement pumps, enlargement pumps and erectile dysfunction pumps are all basically the same and work in the same
Male enhancement pumps were originally designed for use by men with erectile dysfunction since the
pump brings your penis to an erect state and with a cock ring in place you are able to maintain your
Almost from their inception men found another use for the male enhancement pump. They began using them as a masturbation sex
toy. This new use led to another amazing discovery.
Men using the enhancement pump found that their penis was larger after using the pump. As could be
expected this led to further experimentation with the male enhancement pump. Men began pumping and keeping records of their
measurements. Some of the results were astounding while most fell into a
standard average increase of 1-3 inches.
One of the most notable astounding results were claimed by porn star John Holmes. Mr. Holmes
claimed to have gained nearly 8 inches in length and a substantial increase in girth. (Girth being
the measurement around the largest part of the shaft of your penis.) Mr. Holmes also went on to produce his own personal brand of
male enhancement pumps which he claimed were the ones he used to gain his amazing results.
Two of these units are still in the top selling male enhancement pumps available today. They are
the "John Holmes Personal Male Enhancement Penis and Scrotum Pump" and the "John Holmes Super Sauna Male Enhancement
Pump". If Mr. Holmes' account of his male enhancement success is accurate he would be an exception to the rule. Most men will not
see enhancement results of this magnitude.
All male enhancement pumps use the same basic design. You place your penis into a cylinder which
has some type of pump attached to it. The pump sucks the air out of the cylinder which creates a vacuum that draws extra blood into
your penis making it erect and larger then normal. With the use of a cock ring to keep the blood from leaving your penis you will
remain in this erect state.
It's important to note that while using a male enhancement pump and cock ring can increase the
length and girth of your penis and help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to have sex again, a cock ring should not be left on
As noted above male enhancement pumps all work in basically the same manner though there are many variations based on
personal preferences. Hand pumps, electronic pumps, vibrating pumps, heated pumps and more. Many of these variations being due
to the fact that men began using them for masturbation.
So here is the run down on what you can expect from a male enhancement pump if you are using one strictly for male enhancement:
1. The enhancement pump will add length and girth to your penis for most men.
2. The results should begin to be apparent on your first use though this does not usually last after only one pumping session.
3. With repeated use of any male enhancement pump your results will begin to be permanent.
4. On average you can expect to gain 1-3 inches in length. Girth increase will be in proportion to your length increase. For simplicities
sake we will use the following example:
A man who starts out with a 6 inch long erect penis that has a girth of 3 inches would have a ratio of 2-1 (every 2 inches in length
equaling 1 inch in girth) and he could expect the following results after using the enhancement pump until reaching his full potential of
8 inches. Using the 2-1 ratio he would now have an 8 inch long erect penis with a girth of 4 inches.
5. The above example is given as a simple formula. The average erect penis size is actually 5.5 to 7 inches in length with a 6 inch
erect penis having an average girth of 5 inches. So as you can see a man who uses a male enhancement pump and gains 3 inches in
length would stand to gain substantially more in girth then the man in our example.
6. Every mans ratio is different. Some men have a long thin penis while others have a short stout erection and while the use of a
male enhancement pump will increase your length and girth it will not really alter your ratio. If you start out with a short, thick
erection you will end up with a longer and thicker erection. If you start out with a longer, narrow erection you will end up with an
even longer erection that also has gained in girth but will still be in proportion to what you originally started with.
7. Every man has a maximum size and using a male enhancement pump will not change the maximum size you can achieve. If you
have a 9 inch long erection and the maximum size your particular body style can support is 13 inches then 13 inches is the maximum
any male enhancement pump will get you to.
8. I've been asked how to know when you have reached your maximum size and the answer is really quite simple, you will quit
gaining size. Another question has been if it is safe to continue using a male enhancement pump after reaching your maximum size
and the answer is yes, you may continue using your enhancement pump indefinitely.
9. Male enhancement pumps and cock rings nearly co-exist. An enhancement pump is of very little benefit without the use of a cock
ring along with it, unless you are using the pump solely for masturbation or you have already reached your maximum size. However,
a cautionary note is in order on the use of cock rings. The use of a cock ring along with a male enhancement pump is what makes this
technique beneficial to suffers of erectile dysfunction and the cock ring is also what holds
the blood in your erect penis allowing it to stretch and reach your maximum size if you are using the pump for male enhancement. But
the use of a cock ring can also be dangerous if you leave it on too long. You do not want to put a cock ring on and leave it all night. A
little common sense is necessary when using male enhancement pumps and cock rings.
10. Another factor in male enhancement is your physical condition. An erection is not possible
without excess blood flowing into your penis. With this in mind, to help aid your male enhancement endeavors you should try to get
plenty of exercise and most of all if you are a smoker you really should quit. By kicking the habit and getting enough exercise your
male enhancement pump will have more blood flow to work with thus allowing you a better chance of seeing even larger results.
11. In closing I believe it's important to note that the use of male enhancement pumps offer a wide degree of varying results. As of
the time of this writing there have not been enough controlled studies done to get a solid idea on average gains. As in the case of
John Holmes, if what he claimed is true by today's standards he would be considered the exception to the rule of averages in the use
of male enhancement pumps. At this point in time I believe the best average size increase to be expected from the use of any male
enhancement pump is 1-3 inches in length.    
Reprinted under permission of
                                                               Jonathon P. Sullivan, Harvard Medical School
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