Title: 5 Gates Of Hell Firm Rubber Cock Ring  
Category: Cock Ring - Rubber - Male Enhancement - Mens
Producer: Kink Labs
Price: $22.99
Color: Black
Material: KL -680 Rubber

5 rubber rings connected by a rubber strap create the most
intense orgasm ever. Slip this rubber cock ring over your shaft
and get ready for a mind-blowing night of heavy-duty fucking!
By the time your "load" can work it's way through all 5 rings
you'll think your entire penis head shot off inside your lover!
These 5 Gates of Hell also help to keep you hard if you have
erectile dysfunction. And they feel GREAT for your lover too!
As with any cock ring, they are a great addition to your male
enhancement pump and for mens masturbation!
Cock Ring 5 Firm Rubber Gates of Hell