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                                                         20 Teen Girls With A Cousin
Times being what they are I haven't been able to find a descent job since finishing college. Luckily, my Aunt and Uncle who
live in Southern California invited me to move in with them until I could find a job and a place of my own. They explained that
they are both away on business most of the time and their huge house is empty except for my younger cousin Em (short for
Emma Jean), who would be thrilled to have someone staying with her.
I hopped on the first plane I could afford and left the cold and dreary Mid-West behind.

Em was the one that picked me up at the airport because her parents were working. As I came through the gate the sexiest
girl I had seen in a long time ran up and grabbed me. We embraced in a hug that was way too passionate for cousins so I
figured that I had no sooner hit California and I was already getting lucky.  After a moment she let out a little squeal and
began babbling about how I'd grown. “You feel so big to hold,” she said. Instantly I felt awkward at holding my cousin like
this though I still had a massive hard-on, but she didn't even seem to notice in all her joy. Her parents were right, she was
thrilled to have someone who would be living with her full-time.
We got my luggage and loaded it into her car. As we got on the freeway I found myself having trouble thinking of anything to
talk about.
"I bet your dad sure likes this car." I said.
"Oh no, he hates it, but I wanted a Viper so I bought it." Em said.
"This is yours?" I asked.
"Yep. Mom and Dad let me get whatever I want and I wanted a Viper so I got it. Dad wanted me to get a little four cylinder,
but I just love the feel of the road and the power that this thing gives me." She said.
We carried on a conversation about how her last year of high school was going, what I was looking forward to in my new life,
(which, after seeing her and her being my cousin, I couldn't tell her what I was hoping to be looking forward to) just basic
stuff like that.
All the while I found my eyes drifting over to my cousin's body. Her legs were long and tan coming out of the short little skirt
she was wearing and though I couldn't be sure, I thought I kept getting a whiff of some sweet smelling pussy juice.
I'm sure I was pretty obvious in my staring, but she either didn't notice or didn't care so try as I might to pull my eyes away
they always found their way back to her.
When we got to the house I was impressed by just how huge it was. They had six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a whole
array of other rooms. We put my suitcases in the room that they had prepared for me and sat down to continue talking.
"This place is great. You've got a huge house, a pool, and a lot of privacy." I said.
"Yeah, it's great. Since mom and dad are never here I pretty much have the place to myself. I get home from school and walk
out into the backyard, take off all of my clothes and get a full body tan without anybody bothering me. Though I guess I
probably won't be able to do that anymore now that you're living here." Em said.
"Don't change your routine on my account Em. The last thing I want is for my living here to disrupt your lives. If you normally
tan naked in the backyard when you get home from school go right ahead and keep doing it. Just tell me when you're going
to do it and I'll make sure to give you plenty of privacy." I said.
"I'd really appreciate that, if you're sure you don't mind giving me the privacy to do it. I hate having tan lines, they look so
“I have no problem with giving you all the privacy you need for tanning. Hell once I find a job I'll be working until 5 anyway so
you'll have a few hours of freedom at least." I said.
"Well then, let's just set this up now so there aren't any awkward accidental situations later. Tomorrow is Monday. I get
home from school at around 3:00 every day and I head straight to the back yard. I usually lay out until 4:30. Then I come in
take a shower and get dressed." Em said.
"Okay so that means until 4:30 the backyard and the back of the house are off limits, got it. Hell, I'm sure I can find
something to kill that hour and a half" I said, thinking to myself about how I would love to be stroking my cock while thinking
about her hot little body lying naked in the backyard.
For the first week or so the arrangement worked really well for both of us. I made sure I was home between 3-4:30 every
afternoon. I would absentmindedly watch TV in the front of the house while stroking my wrong, yet burning desire and give
Em her privacy so she could tan nude in the backyard. I never quite managed to get up the nerve to go all the way and let it
shoot so I had to keep stopping. By the end of that first week I was wondering how much cum a guy could let build-up inside
himself without something bursting.
Then on the second Thursday that I was living in the house I desperately needed just one quick look at my sexy cousin
tanning in the nude. One little image to beat-off to in bed that night since I was sure I couldn't possibly prolong my release
any longer.
I had a meeting about a job that night and pretending to need some clothes washed for the interview I grabbed a few things
and headed for the laundry room where I could peak out at Em, and if I got caught I would explain about needing a few
things washed. When I got there I walked in and found Em standing there naked putting her clothes into the washing
machine and wearing what appeared to be some type of strap-on sex toy.
I gasped and turned my back to her quickly as I clamped my eyes shut.
"I am so sorry Em, I thought you were still outside."
"It's okay. Did you need to do some laundry?" She asked.
"Yeah, I have to have this shirt and these pants clean for a meeting I have about a job tonight at 8:00." I said.
"Well I just started a load of my underwear, you're more than welcome to throw your stuff in with it. It's on delicate but my
underwear aren't that dirty you know." Em said with a seductive little grin.
"Okay, I'd appreciate it. If this meeting goes well I could be starting a new job on Monday."
For a few moments there was silence. I didn't mention what I thought I had seen and neither did she. I surely got more then
I'd bargained for though, this was going to make a great mental image to whack-off to.
“Well, aren't you gonna stick your package in?” Em asked.
“Wha what do you mean?” I stammered.
"Your laundry. Aren't you gonna put it in with mine?" She asked again.
"Is it safe to turn around?"
Em giggled.  "It's safe enough, I'm wearing a towel."
I quickly put my stuff in the washer and headed for my room. The momentary view I'd had of Em's completely naked body
with what appeared to be a sex toy strapped on was burned into my brain, but try as I might I couldn't bring myself to relieve
my burning inner desire. I kept thinking what a waste it would be if I could somehow get the chance to fuck her hot little body.
Friday morning before she left for school, Em walked into the kitchen and sat down across from me, her intense, sultry eyes
looked as if they were peering right into my brain, reading all my forbidden thoughts.
"So, how'd your meeting go last night?" Em asked.
"Great, I start work Monday morning."
"That's great, congratulations. Do you have any plans for your last weekend as a free man before work leaves you too tired
with no time to enjoy yourself like Mom and Dad?" She asked.
"No, I haven't really thought about it, why?"
"Well, I was gonna have some of my friends over tomorrow for a little party and I was hoping that you could buy us some
alcohol." Em said.
"My 17 year-old cousin wants me to buy alcohol for her and her friends? What's in it for me?" I asked.
"Well, none of my friends have boyfriends, and we're probably gonna sit out by the pool in our bikinis drinking all day. My
friends are all pretty horny, especially when they drink. If you wanted to hang out with us you just might get to fuck
somebody." Em said.
She had a big grin on her face and I desperately wanted to ask just who it was that I might get to fuck but I knew better
then to go there with my own cousin, even if she was the hottest, sexiest and most seductive girl I had met in a long time. I
kept telling myself that she was just a spoiled rich tease who got off on tormenting guys who knew they couldn't have her.
"That's some mouth you have on you." I said.
"I'm told it's the best." She replied.
She very suggestively took a long bite of a banana, then smiled.
"So can we count on you for the booze or not?" Em asked.
"Yeah, what the hell, give me a list when you get home from school and I'll go pick it up. Oh and money, I'm willing to buy it,
but I don't have the money to pay for it right now." I said.
"That's no problem." She said.
She reached down the front of her tight white little top and pulled out some money and put it on the table.
"That should be more than enough, I'll have the list for you at 3:00. I've noticed you never seem to have anything to do
between 3:00 and 4:30"
Then she took off for school.
I spent the whole day lounging around thinking about what Em had said. It had been a long time since I'd been with a girl, so
the thought of having several beautiful young women drinking large amounts of alcohol wearing nothing but bikinis with
nobody else around sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday to me.
When Em got home she handed me the list of what they wanted to drink and headed for the backyard dropping clothes as
she went as if she didn't care that I was still there.
I headed straight to the liquor store and bought what seemed like an excessively large amount of alcohol for a few young
girls, but what the hell did I care it just ensured they'd be good and drunk and maybe I could get lucky.
I took the booze into the house and Em was just coming in as I put the alcohol in the fridge by the back door to the pool.
She had her clothes in her hands, held low pretending to think she had her crotch covered and made no effort to cover her
breasts. I turned towards the front of the house. Em came up behind me, I heard the clothes drop, and she put her arms
around me and hugged me firmly from behind. I jumped, remembering what I thought was a strap-on sex toy hanging on the
front of her perfect little body the other day.
Instantly I had a raging hard-on but I nervously asked "What are you doing?"
"I'm hugging you silly." She said with a giggle.
"Yes I know, why are you hugging me?" I asked, waiting to feel her begin to penetrate my virgin ass with her hidden toy.
"For being such a good cousin." Em said.
Not wanting this moment to end I continued talking, "What is it exactly that makes me a good cousin?" I asked.
"Well, I really like it that you bought booze for me and my friends and I like the way you always shut your eyes and turn
away whenever you happen to see me naked." She said.
"Well I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I mean those were accidents, its not like I'm trying to see you naked." I lied.
"I know you aren't trying to see me naked, and that's what's so great.  I like to dress sexy, but I don't like people looking at
me merely as a sex object. That's why I like to tan naked in our backyard. Because I know that a lot of people would like to
look, but out in the backyard nobody can. Except for you that is. You live here and could very easily watch me whenever you
wanted to, but you don't. Thank you." Em said.
"You're welcome.  Now if you'll excuse me..." I said and tried to walk away but she held onto my waist.
"Wait, please don't go yet, I need to tell you something."
"What is it? I asked, feeling hopefully excited.”
"I don't mind if you look." Em said.
"What?" I asked.
"When I'm tanning or walking back from the shower or whatever, I don't mind if you look at me."  She said holding me closer.
"Em, I don't know how to take that."
"I know, maybe that's why I don't mind if you see me naked. Maybe it's because you have gone out of your way to avoid
seeing me naked and have apologized when you have, but for whatever reason I don't mind if you see me naked." Em said.
"Well, I'm honored that you don't mind, but I hope you don't expect me to change my ways and start going out of my way to
see you naked." I lied again.
"Oh no, if I thought that you would do that I wouldn't have told you that I don't mind. I just thought that with the things that
might happen tomorrow I'd let you know that if I should end up topless or completely naked when I get drunk I don't want
you to think you have to leave. I want you to have a good time at the party tomorrow. My friends are all looking forward to
getting to know you. They are all really jealous that I live with a cute guy who's just out of college." Em said.
"Well I must say that I'm looking forward to meeting them too, if for no other reason than to know how five or six girls can
drink that much booze." I said.
"Oh there isn't gonna be just five or six girls here tomorrow. There will be 20 of them." Em said.
"20?" I asked in surprise.
"Yeah, I have a lot of friends. And just think you'll be the only guy here, you've just about got to get laid." Em said, and again
I wondered hopefully if it would be with her.
"Unless your friends are all carpet munchers." I said jokingly.
"Oh we all eat our fair share of pussy, in fact I wouldn't be too surprised if this little get together turned into a lick fest, but
we do that for the convenience and the pleasure it provides. We all still prefer a good stiff cock when we can get one." Em
said with a giggle.
I was shocked at how openly Em was talking about having sex with her female friends.
"Your bi-sexual with your friends just because it's convenient?" I asked.
"Yeah, what could be more convenient than fucking the people that you like to hang out with? Depending on the mood you're
in you can either sit around and talk or get naked and just fuck." Em said.
"Damn, when you put it that way it would be really convenient. Of course that only works if you're bisexual and you hang out
with other bisexual people that want to have sex all the time." I said.
"Luckily for us, every girl is bi, and my friends and I are always horny." Em said.
"So this thing tomorrow could turn into a big old lesbian fuck fest?" I asked.
"Yep." Em said.
"If that's the case are you sure you want me to be here? I mean it sounds like you plan on having it become that, and if I'm
here it might not." I said.
"Oh don't worry about that. My friends won't think twice about stripping off and having some fun with you here. Hell most of
them like to have people watching them when they finger, lick, suck and fuck each other, so if nothing else you should get
some free entertainment and you'll give them a thrill by letting them perform for you. But like I said, we all still prefer a nice
hard cock to a pussy any day so if you're there I bet you'll have the opportunity to fuck at least one of them and probably
more than just one. So will you join us tomorrow?" Em asked.
"Let me see, my cousin and 20 other attractive 17 & 18 year old girls drinking, probably getting naked and having sex with
each other, and some of them will probably want to have sex with me? Yeah, I suppose I could attend a party like that, if you
want me to be there." I said.
"I want you to be there." Em said, "And I'm glad to finally hear you say that you think I'm attractive."
Em released her hold on me and I headed upstairs. When I went to bed that night I couldn't get the idea of my cousin and 20
other beautiful naked young girls, some of which might want to fuck me, out of my head so I had a hard-on that just wouldn't
go away but once again I decided to wait a little longer before stroking myself off in the hopes that tomorrow I would have a
young, hot drunk cunt to shoot it into. I finally got to sleep but when Em woke me up the next morning my hard-on was still
"You'd better wake up, my friends should be here any minute." Em said.
"It's 6:00 a.m." I said rubbing the sleep from my eyes.
"We like to get an early start, come on get up and put this on." Em said, in a more forceful manner then I'd heard her use
She tossed me a bikini bottom.
"Wait a minute, no way am I wearing this, I'll look completely ridiculous. Can't I just wear my trunks?" I asked.
"Nope. If you want to hang out with us girls you will dress like us." Em said.
"Come on Em, be reasonable." I said.
"Sorry, being reasonable isn't something I'm good at. In fact, just to be sure that you have to wear that bikini I already
removed your underwear, and I must say, that with a hard-on that size it wasn't easy getting them off without waking you. I
also took all of your other clothes and put them in the attic where they're under lock and key and you can't get them until I
say you can." Em said with a satisfied smile.
"Are you serious?" I asked.
"Read it and weep." Em said.
She pulled the empty drawers out of my dresser. I looked under the blanket and sure enough I was naked. She had really
managed to get my underwear off of me while I slept.
"Now are you going to put that thing on or will I have to tell the girls that you will be unable to join us? I tried to find you the
roomiest one that I could, but a woman's bikini bottom wasn't exactly designed to have a big hard cock stuffed in the front of
it so it might be a little tough getting everything to stay inside the bikini." Em said.
Normally I would have put up some sort of protest at least, but with the chance to possibly fucking one or more of her friends
on the line I gave in to her command.
I grabbed the bikini bottom from the bed, pulled it under the sheets, and slipped it on. It fit pretty well, except for the fact
that my hard-on was pressing tightly against the thin material as I stood up to get out of bed.
"Okay, let's go meet your friends." I said.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Em asked.
She held up the bikini top.
"You've got to be kidding me." I said.
"Nope, you've got to wear this. The girls might be offended if you were topless. Come here and I'll help you put it on." Em
I walked over to Em finally noticing her "bikini". It had a piece of cloth almost but not quite big enough to cover each of her
nipples. The bottom had a thin strip of material that started just above her clit and got narrower as it went between her legs.
Her luscious, pink lips could easily be seen on either side of the material.
"Let me guess, your parents have no idea about that little bikini you're wearing and what you do with your friends?" I asked.
I turned around and Em tied my bikini top in place.
"My parents don't know anything about me. They're too busy being successful to notice anything that I do. There you go, it's
all done, and I must say you can really pull this look off. Now, the girls will be here any minute so we had better get
downstairs." Em said with a giggle.
Em took my hand and we headed down stairs. She kept laughing as I tried to adjust my erection in the bikini that had been
cut to cover a pussy and was too small to cover a rock hard cock and a set of balls.
We sat in the kitchen for a few minutes getting all of the alcohol ready for the party. When the doorbell rang Em went to
answer it and I sat at the kitchen table. When she came back she had five girls with her.
"Girls this is my cousin, he'll be joining us today, doesn't he just look adorable in his bikini?" Em asked.
"Should we say hello to him like we do everybody else?" Val asked.
"Yes, we should all treat him like he's any other member of the group." Em said.
Val walked over to me in her tiny little bikini, which was almost identical to Em's. She placed her right hand on the left side of
my chest and her left hand on my right ass cheek and gave both a little squeeze. She stood there for a minute.
"Well, go ahead, put your right hand on my left breast and your left hand on the right side of my ass." Val said.
I looked over at Em, she nodded with a big grin on her face. I slowly raised my left hand to Val's ass. She didn't react so I
raised my right hand and placed it on her left breast.
"There, that's much better. Now, since it's obvious you don't know how we greet each other I'll explain it. We put our hands
like we have them now and then we French kiss for at least 30 seconds as we feel each others' breasts and asses. We do
that with all of the girls. Do you think you can handle that?" Val asked.
"I think so." I said.
"Good." Val said.
Val pressed her lips to mine and forced her tongue into my mouth as she caressed my chest and ass. Not wanting to
disappoint her I explored her mouth with my tongue as I caressed her left breast and the right side of her ass.
By the time that Val and I were done there was a line of girls waiting to introduce themselves to me, as well as saying hello
to each other.
In addition to Val there was Britney, Amber, Ashley, Beth, Vanessa, Heather, Hannah, Kelly, Lisa, Lindsay, Jane, Ginger, Mary,
Nicole, Paula, Susan, Jenn, Tammy and Kathy. That's 20 girls that I got to make out with and feel up for 30 seconds apiece
and it wasn't even seven in the morning yet.
They were all wearing bikinis, but most of them weren't as skimpy as Em's. Every one of the girls was absolutely gorgeous
but none were as desirable as my sweet little cousin.  All of the girls made sure to say 'hello' to one another.
"Okay, that's it, let's grab some drinks and head out by the pool ladies." Em said.
"Wait, did you two ever say hello to each other?" Jenn asked.
"Yeah, did you? None of us saw it if you did so it doesn't count." Kathy said.
"Hey, that's right we never did say hello to each other." Em said.
At long last, the moment I had been waiting for. Two weeks of sheer torture were finally coming to an end. It felt so wrong
but yet it felt unstoppable, totally right and natural at the same time. She walked over to me placing her hands on my chest
and ass.
"Come here you." Em said in a dramatic tone.
She pulled me to her until our lips met. I was so turned on from everything else that had been going on that I forgot all of my
inhibitions and put my hands on her and caressed her firm young body as we shared a passionate kiss. There were gasps
and sighs from the girls gathered around us.
"I think somebody is a little turned on right now, and I'm not talking about the chick with the small boobs and an iron bar
down her pants, one of the girls cooed.  Let's grab some drinks and get the day started." Em said leading the way.
We all grabbed some of the alcohol and headed out by the pool. It was still pretty early in the morning, but the sun was
warm and the weather was perfect.
I did a quick scan of the backyard just to be sure that there wasn't any place where someone could see me in my bikini. Once
I was sure things were okay I poured myself a Jack and Coke. Some of the girls dove right into the pool. The cool water had
some interesting effects on them. It made their nipples rock hard and it made the tiny strips of cloth that passed as bikinis
even more revealing by making them sheer.
After a short dip in the pool most of the girls spread themselves out on towels in a circle so they could talk, drink, and soak in
the sun. Em put a towel down in the center of the circle and pulled me over to it. I sat upright on the towel and tried to spin
around to face each of the girls as they asked me questions about myself and the whole time Em was rubbing my shoulders
and stroking my thigh with her fingertips. I didn't know how much more of this I could take. My bikini could no longer conceal
the full force of my cock. The head was peaking out the top and the girls kept on like nobody even noticed.
Finally, after about an hour of the girls' heavy drinking, things began to get much more interesting.
"Would anybody mind if I take my top off so that I don't get tan lines on my breasts?" Lisa asked.
"Go right ahead, I was actually thinking of doing the same thing. I absolutely hate tan lines." Beth said.
The other girls all agreed that none of them wanted tan lines on their breasts so they all untied the strings on their tops and
tossed them aside. Em and I were becoming very close, way to quick, and were beginning to know what the other was
thinking by the way they looked. I caught her eye and I could tell that she wanted me to take mine off as well so I untied it
and tossed it aside.
"Oh shit...Em, have you got any tanning lotion?" Amber asked.
"Yeah, there's a lot of it in the cabinet.  Get it for us." Em said while looking me in the eye.
I jumped to my feet and walked over to the outdoor storage cabinet to get the lotion. I took it over to Amber who was laying
on her back. Her gorgeous breasts and fantastic body were on full display for me to admire.
"Here you go." I said offering it to her.
"Would you be a dear and put it on for me, I just got comfortable." Amber said.
"You want me to put it on for you?" I asked.
"Yeah, we do that kind of stuff for each other all the time and Em said we're supposed to treat you like you're any other
member of the group." Amber said.
A quick glance over to Em let me know that it was okay. I knelt down beside Amber and applied tanning lotion all over her
body leaving her breasts and the area under her tiny bikini bottom undone. As I began applying the lotion to her breasts
what I believed was just a thought came out as words.
"It seems a shame to get such a nice tan everywhere but end up with tan lines where that bikini bottom is." I said.
"What's that?" Amber asked.
"Excuse me?" I asked, surprised that I had actually said that out loud.
"You said it was a shame that I'd get such a nice tan but I'd still have tan lines where my bikini bottom is." Amber said.
"I did? I'm sorry, I was just thinking out loud." I said.
"Well whatever it was you were doing you're absolutely right. Help me out of these bottoms would you, and then put some
lotion down there for me. It would not be fun at all to get sunburned down there." Amber said.
Amber lifted up her cute little ass allowing me to easily slide the bikini bottom down and I got a great close up look at her
completely shaved, glistening wet pussy. I could smell the sweet aroma of her juices and I damn near shot my load right then
and there. Then I got to touch it as I applied the lotion very thoroughly to her tender lips and the hood covering her rock hard
"Okay, you're all done." I said.
"Thank you, I really appreciate it." Amber said leaning up and kissing me.
"Could you do me now?" Britney asked.
"Then me." Jane said.
"Just work your way around and lotion us all up." Em said, and I began to realize that she was purposely torturing me. She
mentioned her love of power while driving me home from the airport but I had no idea it included things like this too. "I don't
want to deprive anybody of the opportunity of feeling your strong, caressing hands,” she chided.
“I don't know, you all seem to have gotten along pretty well without me up until now,” I said.
"Nonsense, you're new here, you have to earn your keep for awhile." Nicole said.
I worked my way around massaging the tanning lotion into every nook and cranny of each of their beautiful young bodies.
By the time I got to Em I was really excited by the fact that we were related, she was the hottest girl there and I longed to
explore her body with my hands, and I did. She giggled when I began gently massaging the lotion into her beautiful, dripping
wet pussy and she crossed her legs to pin my hand against it for a couple minutes. When she allowed me to remove my hand
it was covered in her sweet smelling young juices. It was the sweetest, clearest and most pure of any I had ever seen. She
thanked me with a long, passionate kiss and managed to pull my wet hand in close to our faces where I could get a little
taste of her deep inner desires.
When I got done with Em I stood up looking around at the 21 gorgeous naked bodies glistening in the sun.
"Has everybody been covered in lotion now?" I asked.
"No, there's still one person left." Em said.
"Who?" I asked.
I scanned the group to see who I could have missed.
"It's you, silly. With you starting a new job on Monday we can't have you getting sunburned, it would be really painful to have
to wear a shirt and a tie over a sunburn. Girls, have we got any volunteers to put the lotion on my cousin?" Em asked.
All of the girls had been lying back, but they all popped up in an instant to volunteer when Em called for someone to put
lotion on me.
"That's a lot of volunteers. How should we decide who gets to do it? Oh I know, Kelly it's your birthday so you can do it as
your birthday present." Em said.
The rest of the girls groaned their disappointment as Kelly jumped to her feet excitedly and ran over to my side.
"Come and lay down on my towel." Kelly said.
She took my hand and led me over to it. I lay down and a crowd gathered around us. Kelly slowly and thoroughly covered
every inch of my exposed flesh with the lotion.
"Don't forget about the tan lines, and please, pay extra attention to his huge, throbbing cock. I wouldn't want that precious
thing to get burned." Em blurted out from the back of the crowd and the other girls chimed in with their agreement.
Knowing what they wanted I lifted my ass up off of the towel and Kelly tugged on the super tight bikini bottom. It took a
great effort but she got the tiny garment to slide down and my rock hard cock that had been pressed hard against my belly
all morning long sprang into the air.
The girls all gasped when they saw it. I heard whispers of "It's huge" and "Look at the size of that thing." “Oh God, I don't
think it'll fit but I've got to ride it” and “Me first, you all can have what's left.” The whispers stopped when Kelly applied more
lotion to her hands and began to work her way towards my cock.
She massaged the lotion into my balls and I almost lost it. She repositioned herself so that she could have the best angle to
massage the lotion into the full length of my nearly 14 inch cock with both of her hands.
She started at the head and then worked her hands up and down my cock. She did that for only about a minute and all of  
today's tortures combined with everything from the past two weeks just exploded. With no warning from me my cock erupted
and spurted out five large shots of cum that splattered across Kelly's face, neck, breasts and belly.
There were laughs, gasps, and applause from the group of girls gathered around.
"I am so sorry about that." I said.
"I'm not, this is the best birthday present anyone has ever given me." Kelly said with a giggle as she used her finger to move
some of my cum into her mouth.
"Well then, happy birthday." I said, giving her a deep kiss that allowed me to taste my own cum.
"Mmm, that was nice.  Now how will I ever get this sticky mess off of me?" Kelly asked.
In an instant Heather and Susan, the two girls closest to her lowered their heads to her breasts and began slurping my cum
from her skin. Then more gathered around and started wiping it off and rubbing it into each others pussies.
"Well, happy birthday to me again." Kelly said.
"So Em how is your cousin at eating pussy?" Hannah asked.
"I don't know, I haven't had the chance to try him out yet." Em said.
"You haven't? That's a surprise, but there's no time like now for you to find out." Paula said.
"Oh no, one of you girls try him first." Em said.
"No, we insist, after all, he is your cousin, it would be rude for one of us to try him before you get to." Ashley said.
"Well, okay then. Come with me." Em said.
She took me by the cock and led me over to the patio furniture.
Pushing me down into one of the chairs she hopped up on the table and spread her legs wide.
"Let's see whether your dirty mouth is only dirty when it talks." Em said.
A little stunned by what was happening I looked into Em's eyes as she stared down at me. I had to admit she did look good
enough to eat with her right heel on my left shoulder and both hands spreading her super wet, pink pussy open and rubbing
her clit.
I had been with quite a few women in college, including some well experienced older women. I was taught tricks and
techniques from women that knew exactly how a pussy should be eaten to drive the woman wild so I was quite confident in
my abilities.
All of the other girls looked on with great interest as I lowered my head to Em's pussy. Employing the real education I'd
gotten in college I had her moaning and panting inside of a minute. I took it as a good sign when she arched her back and
wrapped her legs around the back of my head and pushed me even harder into her sweet pussy.
In just five minutes Em reached orgasm and to my great delight I learned that she was one of the women who can have
multiple orgasms.  She writhed, screamed and moaned while enduring nearly 30 minutes of orgasms.
The first time I pulled my face from her beautiful pussy was after she had finished what she said was going to have to be her
final orgasm for now.
I looked up into Em's glazed yet beautiful eyes and asked, "Was that dirty enough for you?"
"Fuck, that was incredible. I've never cum so hard in my life Where the hell did you learn to do that?" Em asked.
"I picked it up
working my way through college”, I said.
Of course all of the girls wanted to experience what they had just seen happen to Em so one at a time I sent them all into
orgasmic orbit. They didn't all watch what I was doing anymore, most of them split off to have their own fun with one another
while they waited for their turn on my tongue.
When I had given all of them a very thorough licking I sat back in my chair with my aching tongue hanging out of my mouth. I
noticed that they had all gathered in a semicircle in front of me and were looking at me with lust in their eyes.
"Okay, you've ate every one of our incredible pussies, Em said.  Now I want you to see what it feels like to fuck everyone of
them.”  “Unfortunately there's no way in hell you'll be able to fuck all 21 of us all the way to orgasm. So you're going to stick
your dick into each one of us for a few thrusts just to get the feel of them, then I'll tell you which ones you are going to fuck
and cum in, and believe me, it'll be as many as I say.” Em said.
“Emma, I've been wanting to do this with you since I saw you in the airport." I whispered as she led me over to her towel.”
"I know, and I decided that I was going to fuck you on the drive home when you couldn't keep your eyes off of me." Em said.
“O.K. Ladies, I've decided I'm going to be first.” Em said.
There was no need for any foreplay, we were both ready to fuck like there was no tomorrow. The girls all watched as I placed
my cock at the entrance to her delicious pussy. After working it for a minute I was able to ease myself in. Em groaned as my
cock filled her intimate depths.
I started at a slow pace but the pace got quicker and harder as Em viscously thrust herself up to meet my thrusts.
After just ten minutes I slammed into her hard and began shooting load after load of cum while holding my throbbing cock
deep within the confines of her tight little pussy, not pumping in and out anymore, just holding it there and letting the intense
throbs that came with each shot throw her into her own thunderous climax. As my throbbing subsided she began rhythmically
pumping up and down again. Long, slow and deep strokes, holding each one for just a second on the inward thrust, getting
every last bit of my cum out of me. Then her body shuddered as she weakly moaned, her own orgasm reaching its end.
I went on to fuck Lisa, Amber, Jane, Britney, and Tammy before I was too spent to continue. After that I sat back and
watched as these incredibly gorgeous, incredibly sexy, incredibly slutty girls licked, sucked, and fingered each other to orgasm
after orgasm.
The girls had all summer off before they had to start college and they spent most of those days at my cousin's house fucking
one another.
When I would get off work I hurry home to jump into the party.
My Aunt and Uncle recently gave Emma Jean and I the best possible news.  Due to their success my Aunt is taking a very
early retirement and moving to Paris with my Uncle, who has recently opened a division of his company over there.
They asked Emma if she would like to move with them or stay here in California.
"If you decide to stay here, her Dad said, it will be under certain stipulations."
"First, your Mother and I will be giving you the house,
if your cousin will stay with you."
"As well as the two of you seem to get along this shouldn't be a problem. If you'd like to take some time to discuss this we'll
be awaiting
both of your decisions."
Em looked deep into my eyes with that intense look I was becoming to know so well and she said, "I think I speak for both of
us when I say that the choice has already been made."
"But Mom, Dad, I have a stipulation too. If we both stay here I won't be going to college right away since I'd like to be able to
work full-time and help with the bills."
We all agreed and once again Em looked deep into my eyes and said, "Rather than ending here it looks like this past summer
was only the beginning. I can't wait to see what the next year holds in store for us!"
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