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Basic Principles of the Penis Enlarger:
Penis Extender - Enlargers have been Medically Approved as safe for penis enlarging. They have also been
approved as an aid in curing penis curvature and Peyronie's Disease. Though not all curvature's can be cured
traction type Penis Extenders have shown a remarkable success rate of nearly 75%.

When human tissue is exposed to a traction force, it reacts by increasing its size. The principle of traction is
used throughout the world for various reasons with the most notable results being among the women in the
Paduang tribe in Burma who use it to stretch and lengthen their necks, and among African tribesmen who use
the same traction and stretching principle to vastly increase the size of their lips. Traction techniques are also
used in modern medicine. In traditional orthopedic surgery doctors are using this method to encourage bone
growth. It is also used in plastic surgery for tissue expansion as an aid to skin graphs and on areas of hair
loss. If you use a traction type Penis Extender - Enlarger regularly, your body will respond by increasing the
number of cells thus causing your penis to grow proportionally in length and girth.

How Do You Use A Penis Extender / Enlarger?
Use of the enlarger is quite simple as follows: 0-2 Weeks use 900 grams of traction force for 1-2 hours per
day. 2-12 Wks. use 1200 grams of traction force for 2-6 Hrs. per day. 12-24 Wks. use 1500 grams of traction
force for 2-12 Hrs. per day. Individual use and total times will vary depending upon your desired size.
However, most users reach their desired length and girth in 3-12 Months. Also, medical studies have shown
no distingiushable difference in participants who used the extender 2 Hrs/Day for 6+ Months and those who
used the extender 12 Hrs/Day for 2 Months.

During use of any Penis Extender - Enlargers sold by CelebritySexShop there is no need to worry about
unsightly bulges or being discreet. The Enlargers we sell are made of professional grade light-weight,
hypo-allergenic stainless steel and plastic that has been designed for flexible, comfortable use when worn
underneath clothing. It can be used at your desk, sitting at dinner or watching a movie.

The length of time it is worn will determine the speed of the results you obtain. After that, you don't have to
continue wearing the extender to maintain your new size,
the gains are permanent.

What Makes CelebritySexShop's Penis Extender - Enlargers Different Than Other Options?
Our Penis Enlargers provide a combination of safety and effectiveness that no other method can match. Penis
surgery is effective but very dangerous and expensive. Weights and pumps provide some results, but they
too are dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the tissues of your penis. Penis enlargement pills
are safe for most men but, unfortunately their effects are only temporary. In contrast, "The Penis Extenders
we sell have underwent extensive medical testing and have been clinically proven to be safe, effective and
economical." In other words, "They have been Medically Approved as a safe alternative to surgery in
increasing penis size and correcting penis curvature and Peyronie's Disease."

Results You Can Expect:
Studies have shown increases of 1 to 3 1/2 inches in length with gains in girth of 30% - 35%. That amounts
to a very significant growth of mass and size, giving you a bigger, longer, thicker penis. Spring Loaded,
Tension Adjustable, Traction Type Penis Enlargers have not only been medically approved, they are also the
only penis enlarging device that has been proven and guaranteed to work.

A Preliminary Study Recently Conducted on 180 Volunteer's Ranging In Age From 20 - 49 Years-Old Using the
Pro Extender Penis Enlarger Produced The Following Results:
1. All participants achieved size increases after use.
2. No participants dropped out due to pain or other unwanted side effects.
3. All gains that were achieved during treatment in both length & girth were
present at 3 & 6 months after treatment had ended.
4. 75% of the participants who had some degree of penis curvature, (beyond normal)
experienced complete resolution.
Overall, with a Penis Extender - Enlarger from CelebritySexShop you can expect:
A. A longer, thicker, larger penis when flaccid or erect since it facilitates penis growth by asserting a constant,
measured traction force.
B. Bigger and harder erections.
C. A boost in sexual performance and desire.
D. More powerful, intense orgasms.
E. Quicker recovery time after sex.
F. Correction of nearly 75% of penis curvatures and Peyronie's Disease.
G. Permanent penis growth, safely and without pain.
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